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February 2, 2013
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TGB: Coud (Updates) by Sycophantism TGB: Coud (Updates) by Sycophantism
-Xander's feather
-Kyle's necklace

-Petals and Feathers


    Name: Coud
    Kit Name: Snow
    Gender: Male
    Age: Nine moons


    Breed: Okapi/Chaussie/Jungle Cat
    Accessories: Kyle's necklace | Xander's feather
    Tribe Tattoo: Blue-Water
    Profession: Gem Collector & Accessory Crafter Apprentice
    Soulbound: N/a
    Mentor: Vitani
      Water Walking | Basic Water Control


    {Outgoing | Curious | Encouraging | Air-Headed}

    {Outgoing} Coud is a social butterfly, always leaping at the chance to engage with others in anything from conversation to games. He does his best to be accomodating for the sake of whoever he's with, but he's always got energy to burn and it makes sitting still for too long difficult. Be it alone or with someone else, the apprentice is a rather cheerful cat, finding joy in just about everything around him. The most prominent quality about him, however, is his adventurous nature; there's always a new place to go, a new sight to see, and while he'll do it under any circumstances, his fondness of company typically dictates that he'll try and coerce others to come on adventures with him.

    {Curious} There's something to be said about a hunger for knowledge, and this cat is the prima donna of feigning starvation. There's a black hole in his head, always absorbing everything said to him and storing it in some unknown part of his mind. Nothing goes uninvestigated when Coud is around - no rock unturned, no hole left unchecked, no tree unclimbed. While his naturally inquisitive habits often lead to further adventure, it's one of the few things that can get him to really keep still for any amount of time; a story, or a lecture, or anything that will tell him about anything, will sit his rump on the ground and keep it glued there until absolutely everything is gleaned from the teacher. There's not a single thing he's encountered that he hasn't wanted to know everything about.

    {Encouraging} It wasn't initially a very prominent characteristic, but his time spent in the nursery with Cerul has honed a natural helpfulness into a more specific trait. Coud is a good motivational speaker, even if it's only simple things. It's habitual for him to try and help others with their shortcomings, no matter who it is or what their difficulty is. Alongside this, you could say he's a bit of a cheerleader; he's happy to watch others do what they're gonna do and encourage them from the sidelines, trying his best to help in whatever way he can.

    {Air-Headed} It's more than just the times where he'll fall uncharacteristically silent and stare off into space, or when he watches someone from afar with such absent concentration that it's questionable what he could possibly be thinking about. It's the moments when he thinks no one is looking, where he'll recede into his own mind and get lost inside of himself - for hours at a time, if no one rouses him. At the same time, it's his inability to account for his own motivations; when prompted for the reasons behind his kindness, or his interest, or for anything, he simply shrugs. Some might call it secretive, or mysterious - but his typically childish demeanor simply makes most cats shrug it off as absentmindedness.

    Voice Actor: N/a
    Sexuality: Unknown
    Dreams: Adventure with Cerul and Speckle
    Fears: Loss
    Secrets: N/a
    Theme(s): N/a
      Colour: Pink
      Hobby: Exploring
      Game: Tag
      Place: N/a


    {First Moons}
    Snow was born in Fire Tribe to the Silver-Fire, Tzurai, and her mate, Nobuo, in a litter of five. Since their litter was in the nursery at the same time, Tzurai's and Eva's kits interacted quite a bit. Of the two litters, a small gang would emerge; Snow, his sister Speckle, and his best friend Cerul soon became an inseperable trio. They did everything together, from suffering their mothers' baths, to chasing bugs, to even breaking the rules. If one of them was guilty of or praised for something, the other two weren't far behind.
    During the months in the nursery, Snow had several random nights spent sleepless by nightmares. On the nights that these afflicted him, he would often sneak into the Yellow-Fire's den and doze there until dawn, when he would return to the nursery and sleep until sun-high. It took some convincing, but Castail had finally permitted these - only occasionally, though, and not for too long. For Snow, they had lasted just long enough for the calming scent of the deputy's den to chase off the remnants of his bad dreams.
    The Ceremony of Light was equally the best and worst day of Snow's young life. His sharp blue eyes were bright when the Water-Tribe tattoo appeared on his shoulder. The excitement faded from them as his sister received the rune of earth - and further more as the same mark emerged on Cerul's hackle.
    "Take care of him," Snow had whispered desperately, eyes pleading.
    "I will." The siblings had stared at each other until Cerul had returned, his embrace to Snow immediate. It was the first time life had cheated him.

    Water Tribe welcomed him, yet continued to regard him warily. With that fur, those eyes-- there was no mistaking his father, the tom that had wrought so much havoc on them. In hopes of keeping him under control, as well as ensuring the blame of his revolt should it come would fall to none of her cats, Vitani took on the task of mentoring him. Despite his great excitement at this prospect, Coud knew that it wasn't just because he showed potential, or that she wanted him to prove himself. She didn't want him to hurt anyone else. The more time he spends in Water Tribe, the more alienated he feels.

    {Petals and Feathers}
    Meeting Xander by chance one day while trying to make a flower petal necklace for Vitani, Coud found an unlikely friend in the gruff tom. The short time they spent together brought Coud a friend in his own tribe, and he's done his best not to let his anxiety about his lineage get in the way of trying to be happy. As proof of this friendship, Xander gave him one of the feathers from his tail; in honor of his companion, Coud has put it in a similar place.

    A day spent with his best friend, after three months of not seeing him, might have been the best day he'd had in a long time. Just seeing Cerul-- now Kyle-- made him feel much better. Despite Xander's faith in him, it was still proving difficult to completely ignore the looks he got from his tribemates.
    During their games, Kyle took a moment to give his necklace to Coud. As he had made it himself, Coud found himself almost jealous of his friend's craftmanship-- yet couldn't manage it, instead finding himself only impressed and honored to be given the skull. The flower Coud had tucked behing Kyle ear paled in comparison to this gift, but they both wore them proudly.
    Unknown to Coud, this was Kyle's final farewell. When they parted ways, the Earth Triber had no intention of ever seeing him again.
    A nightmare tore Coud from his slumber. The Breathing Caldera, the last place he had seen Kyle, called to him. Something was wrong.
    Coming across his friend in the midst of leaving was earth-shattering. Despite initial turmoil, the friends managed to curb what seemed to be an impending argument. Coud knew Kyle couldn't stay in the tribes; he wasn't happy. Their promise rang through his mind; that they would explore the world together. There was no doubt in his mind that tonight they would leave together.
    It could only have been Kyle to dissuade him, and he did. Nothing could shake Coud from the certainty that one day, he would leave the tribes and find his best friend. They would fulfill their vow. Kyle didn't try to talk him out of it; he wanted it just as much as Coud did.
    Until sunrise, they sat together; Coud struggling with his grief, and Kyle's heart warming at what he had thought he had lost; hope for the future.
    A formal farewell was no way for Coud to say goodbye to his friend. While Kyle's figure faded into the distance, he called one last time that they would see the world together.
    You promised!

    The enthusiasm has drained from his body. His energetic behavior has faded. Every day, Coud thinks of his friend, and how he's lost him-- how he should have gone with him. Such a sudden loss, like nothing he's ever felt before-- a hundred times worse than when they were sent to different tribes-- it's broken his spirit. Despite all attempts at anyone to talk to him, he won't explain why; he'll simply smile and say that it isn't forever. The impact will eventually lose its sting, and he'll be able to look forward to the future, when he'll see Kyle again.
    Yet for now, all he can think about is how far away that day truly is.


Heart Chart
Gender Bent
Tattoo Ref Sheet
Age Meme
Dirty Little Secret

Roleplay Status

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Coud is *Sycophantism

Art is *Swiftshock

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Skyw1nd Nov 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

awww!!! Cloud is so cute n.n good job!
It's Coud, not cloud. y_y; And thank you.
Yesh i know i fixed it n.n stupid typo D: and your welcome :3
Oh! Well, if you reply to your own message, I don't get an alert, so. e_e

Thank uvu
Yeah I did, and i get it, My computer never alerts me to anything ether, really sucks :/ 

Keep up the great work!! :D
Coud* dang it -.-....
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