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January 26, 2013
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TGB: Firo (Update: VA added) by Sycophantism TGB: Firo (Update: VA added) by Sycophantism


    Name: Firo
    Kit Name: Marble
    Gender: Male
    Age: Two season cycles


    Breed: American Shorthair / Cross {Tortoiseshell mutation}
    Accessories: Earrings
    Tribe Tattoo: Green-Earth
    Profession: Warrior
    Soulbound: N/a
    Apprentice: Kyle
      Feel The Earth | Growing Plants 1 | Growing Plants 2 | Shift The Earth | Growing Plants 3 | These Long Vines | Raise | Shield Me | Earth Spike


    {Independant | Socially Awkward | Loyal | Emotional | Self-Conscious | Smart}

    {Independant} Firo doesn't like having to put his wellbeing in the paws of anyone else. It makes him uneasy, because he knows that once someone has that kind of influence or control over him, they can do whatever they want. He knows he isn't the best judge of character, so he isn't fond of giving someone the opportunity to control him. Beside that, he also likes working alone, figuring that if he only has to rely on himself, then he doesn't have to worry about someone letting him down - or letting someone else down - and that, if something goes wrong, at least he knows he only has himself to blame. That's easy and straightforward to him, but trying to figure out whose fault it was when someone messes up in a team environment is tedious, complicated, and not worth the effort. Additionally though, he's simply a recluse. Part of it is being shy, but another is that he just doesn't like engaging with cats.

    {Socially Awkward} It's difficult for him to get along with others, mostly because he doesn't know how to handle people. They're unpredictable, he never knows what they're thinking, and just holding a conversation with someone without really knowing them is like navigating a mine field; there's no way to know which step might be a wrong one. And some cats can be so volatile about their triggers that, for the most part, he just avoids speaking altogether. To him, the risk of setting someone off, or getting them mad, or upsetting them, just isn't worth whatever benefits might come out of a conversation. With this, whenever he does talk with people, it doesn't normally end well; he's a naturally judgemental tom, and since he doesn't know what might offend some people, he just doesn't bother masking his thoughts. With him, it's either total silence, or blunt opinion. For this reason, not many cats like him; he won't hesitate to point out another cat's weaknesses. He's painfully systematic about it, as well, but he's capable of being emotionally invested in his opinions. Firo isn't perfect either, but whenever someone feels the need to point this out, he'll immediately become defensive. He doesn't know why someone would want to tell him about his shortcomings, because he already knows about them - and this may be why he's so touchy about the topic. Firo's painfully aware of his own flaws, and when someone else notices them, it makes him feel vulnerable.

    {Loyal} There is no uncertainty about this part of his life. Firo is completely loyal to his tribe and his leader. He does everything he needs to for them, dedicated wholly to ensuring their wellbeing. There's nothing he wouldn't do to protect them, be it the entire tribe or just one tribemate. They are, and always will be, his absolute first priority. Nothing will shake his certainty or his devotion. That isn't the say he won't make friends in other tribes, but he never deludes himself or said friend that he'll always put his tribe before them, himself, and everything else. (This assuming he's ever even capable of making any friends, let alone one not even in his own tribe.)

    {Emotional} Perhaps a little unexpectedly, Firo can be rather emotional. Besides the vehemence with which he'll defend himself when ridiculed, or the ferocity that emerges when the safety of his tribe is involved, he seems like quite the calm cat. How surprising, then, when one realizes that he's not quiet because of composure. Inside, he's always uncertain, always questioning himself, always thinking about his imperfections. With his prickly personality, few cats will associate with him - let alone call him a friend - and because of this, he's often alone. It's not due to a desire to avoid others, and some would be surprised to find that he's a very lonely cat. Just being around others is a favorite setting of his; what he likes more than anything, though, is the silent presence of another cat or two. Words are confusing, words can cause problems; Firo enjoys silence. In other situations, this would be the best way to get under his skin. Should anyone want to get an advantage over him, targeting his emotions is an effective way to distract him and weaken his resolve.

    {Self-Conscious} Firo has the terrible habit of over-thinking everything, which may be the reason why he has so little confidence in himself, or why he finds social interaction so confusing and overwhelming, or why it's so hard for anyone talk to him without him trying to find some ulterior meaning in their words. Because of this, he always feels like people dislike him - no matter what they say. He knows how he is, and he knows how it would be hard for anyone to like him, but his impulses lead to his irritability. Unfortunately, despite being easily exasperated, it doesn't mean that he can't reap what he sows once he's settled himself down. Firo doesn't like knowing that others don't really like him, and even if he knows he's wrong or should apologize, he doesn't know how. So, for the most part, he'll just avoid that individual and stew in his own guilt.

    {Smart} An unfortunate addition to his motley of clashing traits. Firo is a sharp-minded cat, able to strategize like a warrior twice his age. He takes a lot of knowledge from his experiences, being able to dissect a situation and determine what could have gone differently to benefit himself or make it easier. Planning ahead and devising tactics is a strong suit of his; if anyone gives him a logical problem, he'll analyze it and discern the best steps to take in order to reach the best outcome. Hunting is definitely one of his strong suits; he can read the prey's movement and predict their actions with preternatural accuracy. He can't fairly explain it; intuition has a lot to play in his talents. Unfortunately, thinking on his feet comes with a price; he can only do it if he's given the silence to concentrate. It's easy to trip him up by distracting him; he's very susceptible to taunting and the like. In a dangerous situation where he can't concentrate, Firo is prone to panicking.

    Voice Actor: jonmaxgoh - [1] [2] [3]
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Fears: Failure
    Likes: Cuddling
    Hates: Cold
    Conditions: Asthma, claustrophobia
    Theme(s): N/a
      Season: Summer
      Food: Rabbit
      Colour: Blue

    Halfway through her second pregnency, Abbie left Air Tribe with her mate to look for their only remaining son. Earthquakes ravaged the land, and they were reported dead when Sylvester returned home. They weren't found.
    The pair fled up north, and when they tried to return home, they found the earth marred beyond recognition--and way beyond any safe passage. With Abbie nearing the time to give birth, they decided to find a safe place to live until they could find another way to return to Nandryx and Air Tribe. Unfortunately, with Abbie taking it easy while her stomach grew, Harry was left to hunt in unfamiliar lands all by himself. They were both hungry, and wary of the unknown environment. Memories from their first litter and the fox that had stolen one of the kits made them paranoid. Combined hunger and stress led them to worry for the well-being of the litter. When the day came to give birth, Abbie yielded only a single kitten. Despite their uncertainty surrounding the solitary litter, they struggled by trying to raise the little tom.
    Realizing the terrible setting they had brought this kit into, the mates determined to send it back to Nandryx.
    A kitten's fretful mewing drew a guard from Earth Tribe's camp. A few hours' wandering brought him across a young, unfamiliar cat, with a gray Earth Tribe tattoo spread over his shoulder. From what they could glean from the timid tom, he had only passed his sixth moon a few days ago. His parents had brought him to the edge of the territory and nudged him forward, telling him to find his new home.
    The Spirits welcomed the cat - now called Firo - back into the tribes with no ill feelings. From there, he was trained as a warrior. Firo showed great prowess in his trade, learning quickly and even teaching himself a few things his mentor hadn't touched upon. As both an apprentice and an adolescent, the young tom was awkward and quiet in social situations. With his mentor, he was fairly open and easy to teach, but that was different for him. Now, as a full-fledged warrior, Firo is dedicated to his tribe and harbors absolutely no doubts about who he considers his family-- Earth Tribe. Who his parents were, why they left him-- he doesn't concern himself with these questions. He's where he is now thanks to the Spirits and his Tribe, and that's all he cares about.
    After the war, the decay of the ecosystem began to wreak havoc on Firo's asthma. The healers could think of nothing to help his situation; the air was too polluted for his lungs, and the attacks grew more frequent no matter how slow he took it. Finally, they strongly advised him to migrate early. He was against it, but eventually, sought council with the Silver-Earth. After a lengthy conversation, he returned to the healer and agreed to leave Nandryx ahead of the Tribes. Earth Tribe was his first priority, but he would do them no good if he died. With as few herbs as the healers could spare, Firo migrated north ahead of the Tribes, seeking fresher air.
    His time spent in the unfamiliar lands is one that he claims to have been uneventful and not particularly story-worthy. In the time before the Tribes' arrival, Firo had spent some time with an exile, who had functioned as a guide to the new land. Despite typically cherishing his alone time, he'll admit that the thought of spending all those moons alone wasn't an appealing one, and he had been glad for the company. When the Tribes arrived, Firo bid his companion farewell, having already been assured that the other cat had no intentions of joining the Tribes.
    Now that the Tribes have completed their pilgrimage, he's returned to Earth-Tribe.


Heart Chart
Gender Bent
Tattoo Ref Sheet
Age Meme
Dirty Little Secret

Roleplay Status

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Firo is *Sycophantism

Art is ~SilvahSquirtle

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